It’s Our Earth Day Too

The global illegal wildlife trade is bringing animals around the world to the brink. Pledge your support for national and international efforts to protect endangered species.

We are Racing Extinction

Take the Earth Day Challenge

Join the movement to protect species this Earth Day and with a small act, you can help make a big difference.

Help Nat Geo Photo Ark

See what we can save together

"This is the best time ever to save species because so many need our help."

- National Geographic Photographer and Photo Ark Founder, Joel Sartore

“I want to get people to care, to fall in love, and to take action.”

- Joel Sartore

Saving the
Grasshopper Sparrow

By working together, we are protecting the Grasshopper Sparrow.
Watch and learn how.

200,000 Sharks

That’s how many sharks are killed for the fin trade every day. Our generation is the last generation that can stop this. Share the message.

Inside the FrogPOD

Did you know that up to half of all frog species could be gone in the next 20 years?

Why Sharks Matter

If we lose an essential species like sharks, the whole environment will start to fail.

We Are Racing Extinction Everywhere

"A Hook of Hope"

Marine conservationist Shawn Heinrichs explains how his life was once saved
by a shark hook that he wears around his neck every day.

Lamakera - Saving Mantas

Lamakera is a remote fishing village in Indonesia where more manta rays have been killed than any other known spot on Earth. Shawn Heinrichs is leading the Racing Extinction team in a monumental effort to help convert this tiny village from a fishing to a tourism culture.

Soon These Beautiful Creatures Could
Simply Be a Memory

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