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"What will populate the planet 100 million years from now will be determined by what happens in the next few centuries."

- Elizabeth Kolbert


Racing Extinction Curriculum

We teamed up with Discovery Education to deliver free standards-based educational resources to inspire students to tackle some of the world’s most time sensitive challenges. These standards-aligned, interactive learning tools explore concepts such as climate change and ocean ecosystems- themes from the film- and include exclusive video content.

Virtual Field Trip

Join the stars of Racing Extinction on a virtual field trip to the Smithsonian’s National Zoo to learn why most biologists believe one-half of Earth’s animals will be extinct by 2100.

Host a House Party

You and your friends and family can join more than 1,000 viewing events around the world as people from all walks of life come together to watch RACING EXTINCTION on Discovery Channel. Audiences will join together to watch, learn, and act. When you sign up below, we will send you a viewing guide to help enhance your evening and an email you can use to invite friends.

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